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Time is flying! Eeek!

Time is going by so fast right now. I can’t believe it’s almost Christmas, which means it’s almost 2016! HOLY MOLY! So much to do! So little time!

1. One of the ways I know I’m super busy is that I’m not reading. Yikes!


I’m usually a book a day kind of a person. But I’m working so hard on Shattered Pack, editing others’ books, and getting ready for the holidays, that by the end of the day I just want to veg in front of the TV. Worst news is: there’s nothing on! How could there be so many channels and there’s literally nothing good on?! It feels like a cliche, but it’s totes a cliche for a reason.

Anyhow, I need to get back into reading. Next up for me is BloodmoonAurora Whittet’s new book! Excited to get to read it. That’s what the holidays are for, right? 😉 So, if you have any suggestions, I’ll take them now!

2. Dude. Being sick sucks. I caught a cold and was in bed all last week. Thus, no blog last week… I’m finally feeling better, but it was no fun! I really think I ate my body weight in chicken noodle soup. Which is why I only eat it when I’m sick. My fave is from Jerry’s Deli.


Super yum! I always thought it was odd that it was so hard to find it in London. What do you do if you’re not eating chicken noodle soup when you’re sick? I’m honestly asking! So curious!

3. Soooo, Star Wars is opening this weekend.

I’m keeping my hopes way down. I mean, I’m a huge fangirl. I loooooooove the originals. The prequels are seriously atrocious. But I remember being so excited, expecting the most amazing movie, and getting The Phantom Menace… Yeah. I wasn’t happy.

So this time, I’m staying chill. I’m going to see it, and I’m trying to just be calm. Hopefully I’ll like it. I don’t think I could like it better than Jedi, aka the best one IMHO, but it has potential. We’ll see.

J and I are going to see it at Grauman’s on Saturday, and heading to dinner at Pizzeria Mozza before. It’s going to be an awesome date night. And after a week in bed, I’m ready to get out of the house and have some fun!

4. So, I was trying to come up with things to make for Christmas while my in-laws are here and came across this:


Umm…. Is that for real? Because OMG, bacon!!! Do you dare me to make it?! 😛

5. One last word of advice before I get back to writing:


Gotta find me some tamales… No way am I making those! Too much work! Ha! 😉




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