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What’s going on?

Hey, y’all!

It’s been a while since I blogged. I’ve been super busy, but finally am catching up. Huzzah! So, now for my weekly five:

1. I’m writing again! YAY! 


(No. That’s not Shattered Pack. I write on Scrivener! No hand writing books for me… That seems painful!)

I’m working on Meredith and Donovan’s book now. All my cards are on my whiteboard. It’s finally all plotted, and now I can just relax into writing. My favorite part. And boy am I ready for it! I had Invocation all plotted, but that will keep for later. I’ve moved it to 2017. So, now, I’m focusing on Meredith, Donovan, and a very interesting trip to Ireland. Should be a blast. Fingers crossed!

2. Y’all, I love fall TV.  The summer is so annoying with the whole lack of good TV. But all my fave shows are back! Jane the Virgin, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Arrow, The Flash, etc, etc, etc! Love it! And along with those shows, are a few new faves. Did anyone see the Supergirl premiere earlier this week? Oh. My. God. I’m freaking. I can’t wait to see more! Look:

Also, really digging Life in Pieces.

It’s hilarious! Also, I feel that girl’s pain. So much. LOL! My old boss is the creator of the show, so I’m not surprising that it’s good. He’s super funny. I nannied for them after quitting my postproduction day job to write, and they were the best family ever to work for. So excited for him!

I’m also super loving The Grinder:

It reminds me of Jane the Virgin because it feels like a show completely about Rogelio’s character. (I’d so watch that show. He cracks me up!) And Rob Lowe is so funny! Plus, Fred Savage is awesome. A definite do not miss!

3. Y’all. I’m a total #klutz I was supposed to go mail giveaways today, but instead I’m icing my knee. I ate it on the sidewalk. Oh, boy was it not pretty. Purse went flying one direction. I went flying another direction. I was walking along with J to get to our car, and one second I was fine, the next I was eating pavement. But I’ve doctored up myself, and I’m resting my leg. So, mailing goes out tomorrow! If you’re missing a prize from me or Lola, it’ll be heading your way shortly!

4. I don’t know why, but I’ve been reading a lot of J.D. Robb’s In Death series lately. 


I think it’s because I love Eve and Roarke so much. Plus, it’s so easy to read and doesn’t distract me from my own brainstorming. If I read something that I really, really get sucked into–that’s super new and different–it might affect my own writing/plotting. Which is super lame. But this series is just fun. It’s like popcorn. You can just keep popping them. Highly recommend!

5. Y’all. Two weeks ago, an epic event happened at our house. My husband finally watched LOTR.

He actually didn’t hate it. Phew! I tried to get him to watch it when we first started dating…eight years ago…but he fell asleep. Three times. After waking him up over and over, I figured that it just wasn’t for him. No big.

But a couple weekends ago, he actually wanted to watch it!

Y’all. Sometimes patience is a good thing. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

6. BONUS: Halloween is coming up!


J and I were supposed to be hosting an Ink Monster gathering, but that got cancelled last minute due to various reasons. So, J bought us tickets for Saturday night–Halloween night! To the Hollywood Bowl. They’re screening Night Before Christmas with a live orchestra and Danny Elfman himself! Super stoked.

What are y’all doing for Halloween?

Hope everyone is doing well! Stay safe this weekend! Don’t take candy from strangers! Take lots of candy from strangers!




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