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Whoa, Friday!

Jumping right in…

1. Holy moly, this week. Have you ever had one of those weeks where everything just spins out of control? Where everything is going wrong and you just want to hit the pause button. Yeah, this has been me all week:

I swear, every time I’ve checked my email this week or answered my phone or heard a crash in the bathroom that’s being renovated, I’ve been like–what the f*ck is going on? It’s bad news every day. I’m just trying to keep up. But the good news is, it’s FRIDAY. That means the weekend is here. J will be here 24-7, and he’s like my lucky rabbit foot, only better. And boy, could I use some good luck right about now.

2. In times of chaos, I have to say that meditation really works wonders. Okay, so now I’m sounding like a total hippie, but for reals, quieting the mind helps.

Confession: I took a philosophy of yoga class when I was at UT. I’m kind of obsessed. But so many people go to yoga class and skip out during savasana, but that’s the entire point of taking a yoga class! You do asanas (aka yoga poses) to get your mind in the present so you can have a good, rewarding savasana. I mean, when you’re putting yourself in all these awkward positions, you can’t help but focus on that moment. Your mind is present. And once you’re body is tired, you can have the best meditations ever. The goal isn’t to shut your mind up. That can be pretty damned tough. But quieting it, focusing on the now, on breath, and realizing that this too shall pass is kind of an amazing tool. Especially during weeks like this one, when the sh*t is seriously hitting the fan.

Right now, I’m also using an app called Calm.


I highly recommend. The 2min guided meditation is good for anytime, anywhere. Put on your headphones, close your eyes, and just take a moment for yourself. It’s how I’ve gotten through this week of total chaos. Well… The past few weeks have all be chaotic. Soon, it’ll all settle down. Until then, and probably after that, I’ll be relying on Calm to get me through all the ups and downs of life.

3. Even with the sh*tstorm of the week, there are always good bits. This week, one bright spot was my cousin asking for help. Okay, that sounded bad, too. But I swear it’s not! She wanted me to find an old school track that was stuck in her head, except she didn’t have much to go on other than that it was drum and bass and that my brother and another friend were obsessed with 15 years ago. O.o #nothappening

Today, she remembered the name of the track, but not the artist. Good thing I knew what she meant by “Drowning.”

Good ole AK1200. That song was on constant repeat for me and my brother. Seriously addictive. Listening to it brings back all kinds of fun, crazy, awesome memories. It makes me smile. Which I so desperately needed.

See, it really is the little things in life that can make the biggest difference.

4. Is anyone else watching that OJ TV show on FX? Jeremy and I are, and we’re totally addicted. 

It’s super good. Very well made and fascinating. I remember when the OJ trial was going on, but I was too little to really understand what was happening and the implications. It’s so interesting seeing it from this perspective. Relaxing in bed after a long day of craziness is so key for me. And finding the right show to unwind to can be difficult. But this week, American Crime did the job. Definitely worth a watch if you haven’t already!

5. After a long week, I normally can’t wait to chillax, but this weekend is gonna be nuts, y’all! We’re having a little shower with friends to celebrate the coming little girl, who is currently trying to break out of my tummy Alien-style. LOL! After what happened with Annabelle, it’s been an emotionally rough ride, but we’re finally at the celebrating stage. It’s so nice to be here. Such a relief. Even if it’s hard to change gears from terrified of another loss and heartbreak to being excited and knowing we get to keep this one. Family is coming. Our best friends from Chicago are headed here tomorrow. All the people that have been there to support J and I through are coming.

We’ve leaned hard on our close friends and family, and having them gather all together… Well, it means so much. We’re so thankful to be almost at the end of this pregnancy, and so thankful to have the friends and family that we do. Every time I think about it, I tear up. But I guess I’m a little emotional, even more so than usual. 😉 My sisters, mother, mother-in-law, cousin, and brother’s girl friend have joined forces to give us this celebration, and I couldn’t feel more thankful. Blessed. Loved.

So, it’s going to be busy one, but so, so good.

Happy Friday, y’all! I hope you have a great weekend.




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