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Why isn’t Aileen writing the Shadow Ravens sequel?

Today I want to answer a suuuuuuper important question, which we’ve been hearing from a lot of readers: Why isn’t Aileen writing the sequel to Cipher?


At least, that’s the short answer. The long answer is that Aileen, and I are both writing in the Shadow Ravens series–we’ve been brainstorming the world and plots together from Day 1 and the Shadow Ravens was always planned as a co-written series.

But that raises a few other questions, right? Who is this Lola Dodge character, and why is she qualified to write for Ink Monster?

I have a great answer for this one! I’ve been working with Aileen since we were both newbs in our MFA program, and I started reading what would become Becoming Alpha circa 2009. So we’ve been working together for as long as we’ve both been focused on writing. She brought me on during the birth of Ink Monster, and now I read/edit/comment on every page that Inky puts out.

I swear, they didn’t just pick me up off the street because I was holding some desperate sign…

But I loooooove Aileen and I want her to write the sequel!!!!

Please dry your eyes. I love Aileen too, but she’s already writing half a million books a year and I want her to have time to sleep every other day or so. The Shadow Ravens series is a total team effort. Aileen will give Quanta her blessings before the manuscript leaves my desk, and it won’t go to press until it satisfies her harsh standards. Seriously. Inky will take away my cherry sodas if I don’t write a good story, so you’d better believe I’ll get it done right.

I still don’t trust you, Lola!!!!!!!!! 

Good. Don’t trust me. I steal pens and jaywalk.

If you can look past that, give me a chance! I’ve worked my whole professional career in some kind of publishing or editing, and have a bunch of other books published or in the pipeline. SEE? If you still want a better preview of my style, enter my ongoing contests to win books and other fabulous prizes. I will absolutely do my best to make sure you love Quanta as much as you loved Cipher.

In closing…

Keep Calm and Read Shadow Ravens

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