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Biting off S’more than I Could Chew?

Dear Readers,

Nothing was more exciting than getting offered a publishing contract for my debut novel, One S’more Summer. So, when Ink Monster proposed turning the book into series, instead of a standalone, of course I JUMPED at the opportunity. Fortunately, I already had a couple of ideas of where I thought the story could go and one idea in particular I couldn’t seem to shake. That’s the thing with writing a book I didn’t understand until I’d actually written one — the characters of your story and world become almost like real people and after you’ve spent so much time with them, it’s hard to let them go. I already had a few chapters for a sequel tucked away. It was hard to stop writing Gigi and Perry’s story.

I decided I wanted the second book mostly set in London, Perry’s hometown, and needed a reason for Gigi to have to spend time there. Then, a lightbulb went off. I imagined a scenario where Gigi and Jamie’s fashion line became so big they’d be in the running to design a royal wedding dress. It seemed like a great way to marry elements of Book 1 with some ideas I had for Book 2. There were a few problems though — I am not British, I don’t live in London, and I didn’t know much about the English aristocracy.


But, I wanted my book to be as authentic as possible, so I began researching places, titles, royal wedding protocol, and everything in-between! My writer’s budget didn’t allow me to take a trip across the pond, but the library and the World Wide Web did. I’ve been to London before but not for a couple of years. I had to rely on my memory and the Internet to get my facts right. Then, before I knew it, I started adding in other elements to round out my story. I brought in the character of Gideon Cooper, a viscount and heir apparent to the Earl of Harronsby. Knowing nothing about how aristocratic titles are passed down, I found myself on British genealogy sites trying to understand the rules of succession. As a nod to the success of Hamilton, I decided Perry Gillman would write a hit musical about the life of Queen Elizabeth I, I titled Elizabeth — so guess what that meant?? — research on the Tudor Queen.


One S’more Summer’s setting, camp, came directly from my own personal experiences. Like most writers, I added new elements and changed some details, but the world of a Pocono’s sleepaway camp wasn’t one I had to do a lot of work to understand. It’s part of the fabric of who I am and my own memories provided enough of a foundation for me to build a story around them. Writing S’more to Lose was a very different, but in a lot of ways, a much more fun experience. I was able to explore places and themes in which I’ve always been interested but didn’t know as much about.

At some point when I was in the middle of the novel, surrounded by post-it notes with the names of castles, English country towns, and members of Elizabeth I’s court, I wondered if I bit off more than I could chew. But now that the book is finished and coming out in just a few days, I know it was all worth it! This book took me on a pretty great journey and hope it does the same for all the readers!

Happy Reading and Happy Travels!


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