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Meet Emily Piland, Our First #FF Winner!

Calling all Ink Monsters! Please join us in congratulating our very first #‎FollowFriday‬ winner, Emily Piland!

We asked Emily some questions about her love for reading and blogging at her site, Em’s Art & Words. Here’s what she had to say…

Q: What do you love most about blogging? A: “When I find a book that I absolutely enjoy, I think everyone who loves to read should read it. So many people read a book because of reviews and other than buying or gifting the book, reviews are the best way to support an author.”

Q: What’s your favorite genre to read? A: “My favorite genre to read would have to be paranormal/fantasy/dark fantasy. I have a handful of favorite authors, three of which are Ink Monster authors.”

Q: What do you love most about reading in general? A: “The creativity of my mind. While reading, I create the setting and the characters in my mind. It’s like my own private movie in my head. Having a reprieve from my mundane routine and replacing it with a book and a vivid story is refreshing.”


Thanks for being such an awesome Ink Monster fan, Emily! And if any of YOU would like to be one of our #FollowFriday featured bloggers, all you have to do is follow our Instagram, InkMonsterBooks and tell us what’s YOUR favorite book or series!


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